Expresso Environmental

The transport that is well done. Ever

It does well with social and environmental responsibility

Trust your logistics to a truly responsible company. Expresso Jundiaí holds, invests and supports many environmental actions, social, sports and cultural internally and also in the community. It has ISO 14001 certification. It is a friendly company of the child certified by Abrinq.

Environmental politics

The Environmental Policy aims to appreciate the conservation of the environment, valuing and making effective actions as:

• Answer the legislation and remain in compliance with regulations and other environmental requirements applicable to interstate transportation of cargo.
• Continually Improve processes, to efforts to reduce waste and emission of pollutants.
• Promote awareness of employees, contractors, and the involvement of suppliers in relation to environmental conservation.
• Establish and monitor environmental objectives and targets to assess our progress, to minimize the significant impacts.

ABRINQ – Express friendly company of children

Expresso Jundiaí is certified by Abrinq as friendly company of the child. Several projects are developed for children, such as the delivery of school kits to children of employees of school age, help the charities that care for approximately 200 children and collect food.

Environment always receives special attention

“Sustainable development is one that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In search of Environmental Management, one of the pillars of social responsibility is the care for the environment. With ISO 14001, Expresso Jundiaí is committed that its actions help to preserve the environment, which makes the company responsible to society.

Expresso Jundiaí and control

All days are checked about 300 tires being assessed items such as pressure, wear, damage, among others. With this win the company and the environment. With tires in optimal conditions spends less fuel, it has lower emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere, not to mention the reduction of traffic accidents. This is the Expresso Jundiaí, bringing the safety, environmental awareness and social seriously!

Expresso Jundiaí already using S10, the “clean diesel” in its fleet

The S10 diesel is a next-generation fuel, sold for some time in Europe and in some American states. It was developed to replace the S-50 that entered the Brazilian market in 2012, the result of a commitment of the Brazilian government a gradual reduction of emission of pollutants signed the Kyoto Protocol. The Diesel S-10 back several benefits, especially when used in engines manufactured from 2012, already prepared for the S-10 diesel. Among them:

• Maximum content of sulfur of 10 mg / kg, a reduction of up to 80% of emissions of particulate matter (PM) and up to 98% of emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx);
• Improves cold starting and reduces the emission of white smoke;
• Reduces the formation of deposits and the occurrence of wear in the engine;
• Improves the performance of diesel engines;
• Increase the change intervals lubricants.

Expresso Jundiaí now uses the S-10 diesel in its fleet in respecting the environment and the commitment made in its Environmental Policy.